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This year will be our fourteenth growing our Norfolk Bronze turkeys on the farm. During that time we’ve reared and sold over 6000 turkeys. I still get a buzz from the short supply chain and in an industry that’s dominated by middle men, it’s immensely satisfying to talk directly to the people who eat what we grow. Meeting people is a great reminder of how much faith so many of you have in our ability to grow and prepare a fantastic product for what for most people, is an annual feast. I feel that responsibility keenly and I wish I had the opportunity to do it more often.

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    I guess this wouldn’t be a proper farm website without lots of pictures of tractors and it’s tempting to post the best and newest machinery as if this is what makes a farm look efficient and modern.  Maybe it is.  But here is a homage to my Ford yard-tractor which I bought from Graham, a neighbouring farmer when I was 25, and in my second year of my first tenancy. The Ford, which was registered just two months after I was born, is now 47  years old, has done thousands of hours of work with no complaints and is still going strong.  There I think the similarities between us ends, except that I think the Ford will go on for another 45 years before needing a second service.  In the meantime, may I leave you to decide which one of us has aged best.   My old tractor mate, we all salute you.