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Welcome to the Christmas pages of our website. I never know when to change this over from the main farm page because when is it reasonable to start thinking about Christmas? When do people say to themselves, “Let’s do a family Christmas this year.”

All year we fill our busy lives rushing around to get things done. Catching the train, kids to school or sports clubs, meetings, deadlines, rugby matches (well some of us), most of us even rush to get away on holiday on time. We’re also in and out of supermarkets where, bizarrely in my opinion, we’re offered points or cups of coffee to tempt us back.

By complete contrast, we open once a year for three days just before Christmas, and we’ve had customers who’ve stayed with us since we first started rearing turkeys fourteen years ago. One or two may have been tempted by our mulled wine, but I doubt that’s the reason they come back.

I think what we’re about is outstanding quality and the fact we’ve sold over 6000 Turkeys! This is often difficult to define without long lists of comparisons and superlatives, all of which I like to avoid.  What encapsulates the idea of quality for me is that we’re a family farm. In the main we sell to families and because of the importance of family, we take our responsibility to produce the finest quality free range Norfolk Bronze turkey, very seriously.

2013-10-04 Bowles Farm - 25 Turkey master - webThe Norfolk Bronze Turkey is one of Britain’s oldest breeds. When it is reared naturally it boasts a finely grained meat and a moist rich flavour which makes it one of the most sought after fresh turkeys. We rear our birds on the farm from day old chicks and they are free to roam in their favourite slightly overgrown pasture during the day and to roost in a large deep strawed-out barn at night. The exercise, fresh air and community helps keep stress levels to minimum and allows each of them to grow slowly to maturity, which brings out the best of their succulent and subtle flavour ready for your Christmas or New Year table.Chefs recommendation

Cooking a turkey should not be stressful and there are plenty of ideas out there if you’re new to the sport, or you just want to refresh your memory or hunt round for a few new ideas. We’ve pulled together a few of these for you and you can see them on our cooking page.

Our shop page tells you everything you need to know about our turkeys and the pricing, but if you do want to talk with us please feel free to call Murray or Caroline at your convenience on 01483 279813 or 07812 750184 or drop us an email at

An easy way to email us is through this contact box below. It’s quick and simple and you can send a copy to yourself at the same time. Try it if you need to and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

That’s it really. Simple. Traditional. Slow Grown. Fresh. Now what could possibly be more tempting than that?

This is our second year offering online ordering. We thought long and hard about this when we introduced it last year because we’ve built our small business on being local and knowing all our customers by name.  One of the great pleasures of farming is to produce a wonderful product, so we still have people come to the farm to collect it themselves.  Call me old fashioned, but it creates a connection between the growers and the consumers that’s missing in so many walks of life that we find ourselves divorced of human connections between the two.

Christmas Turkey Feast

It’s easy for farmers to be cynical and a bit crusty; it’s a hard business in which to make a living, trust me.  Three years ago when the storms came at Christmas, the roads were blocked with fallen trees and all kinds of debris, the phones on the farm didn’t work, including the mobile phone so we had no credit card readers, and to cap it all, we had no power for a week.   Luckily, our generators are super reliable and produce just enough power to keep the chillers running and the lights on in the shop, but not much else.  In spite of all this, people came, including one lady who took four hours to get to us from Farnham.  Our busiest two days of the year with no power or card facilities were amongst the most enjoyable.  Lots of good humour, adventure stories and an abundance of goodwill.

I don’t want to lose that, but at the same time we have to do what we can to sell all the turkeys that we rear or the cost of those we do sell has to rise to cover the cost of rearing turkeys that we don’t sell.  So here we are, online and now able to sell our turkeys further afield than in the past.  I’m hopeful that the majority of you will continue to come to the farm in person on the 22nd, 23rd or 24th December, but if you can’t, for whatever reason, just let us know.

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