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Self-storage is doing great! | Butler Farms

Due to a fantastic response, our self-storage facilities are filling up and we are now looking to expand.

Following an increase in demand for smaller storage spaces we are also looking to divide units in order to offer smaller spaces. From students looking for storage over the summer holidays to families wanting to reclaim a guest room or their garage, Butler farms self-storage will now be able to provide an invaluable and affordable solution.

Don’t worry about being signed into a long term contact. We totally understand the need to be able to remove your belongings at short notice and therefor offer month to month rolling agreements.

Looking to extend or upgrade your house? We are delighted that we have been able to respond to this demand by offering a safe place to store whilst the building work goes on.

So, if you are looking for a safe, dry solution to your storage problems, then look no further.

Contact 07812 750 184 or fill in our online form to rent one of our new steel shipping containers. Onsite security and padlocks provided.