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About | Butler Farms

The age of localism may be upon us, but when you have a choice of products from all over the world, no one can rely on being local as a marketing strategy.  So we don’t.  We aim to be counted amongst the best meat and farm products you can buy from anywhere.  No excuses.

The farm nestles in the woodlands at the foot of the Surrey Hills about a mile from Cranleigh town centre.  It’s a mixed farm of livestock, grassland and arable interspersed with generous mature woodland.  We rotate crops and livestock throughout the seasons to give the land a rest and replenish it with as much organic matter as we can.

There is little in life that’s more satisfying than growing something. It doesn’t matter whether this is a small business, a new building or a grow bag of tomatoes by the French windows, most of us take pleasure in watching them grow.  The same is true in farming.  We invest our capital in growing food, and like all businesses there is real satisfaction when a customer buys a turkey for instance and comes back in the New Year and says, great job guys.

I’d like to think that when I tell people I’m a farmer, the image they have in their minds eye is not of a grizzly old man who’s always complaining about the weather, but of someone who grows great tasting food in a way that respects both land and animals.  Growers.  Yeah, that’s us.

From our family farm at the foot of the Surrey Hills, we specialise in producing high quality meadow and ryegrass hay and haylage for horses.

The farm supports a beef herd throughout the year and sheep during the winter months. We also raise 400 free range Norfolk Bronze turkeys for the Christmas market and a small number of Gloucester Old Spot pigs year round. We believe firmly that livestock play a huge role in effective and efficient grassland management. By using well-informed, traditional farming practices the use of chemicals and artificial fertilizers are minimised which we feel is very important for both man and beast.

We have an indoor stable yard with nine boxes and a sand school where our resident show producer/rider, Ms Emmy Vine uses our hay with excellent results.